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The Flame Tree (2009)

The Flame Tree (2009)
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The Flame Tree (2009)
The Flame Tree (2009)

About book: The Flame Tree far surpassed my expectations! Isaac, the son of American missionary doctors is being raised at a combination hospital/school in Indonesia. There is unrest in the small city that he lives in when a new religious leader emerges. Despite having been raised in the city, playing with the local kids, attending local festivals, and frequenting neighborhood businesses, Isaac finds himself suddenly an outcast who is no longer safe.When Isaac becomes an important figure in the religious and cultural struggle that develops, both he and his family learn more about themselves, trust, and the nature of their spirituality. This is not a religious book, but it does explore the universal themes of forgiveness, acceptance, belief, and faith. The Flame Tree reminds me of The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare. It may have been even better because of the modern setting and events that are so close to our present lives. I highly recommend this book. It is the best book that I have read this year to date.

Teen reading challenge. I'm conflicted about this one because it definitely gives a better view of Islam than if ALL the Muslims were terrorists, and yet the terrorists are awfully brutal. The Javanese setting is beautifully described, but the protagonist's time in captivity seems totally unrealistic. I don't really know how I feel about it, I guess. I mean, the "good guy" terrorist is going to make a big deal about the "peace be upon him" after Muhammad's name but then doesn't use it himself for Jesus or Moses? So much doesn't ring true at all, but I'd still rather little Christian kids read something with SOME decent content about Islam over something with none at all. I guess.
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For once i strayed out of my reading-comfort-zone and found that that can be quite a good thing to do. I enjoyed this novel about a 12 year old son of american Christian missionary doctors in islamic Indonesia. The two parties have always lived peacefully side by side, until the spring and summer of 2001 when a radical anti-american group of muslims pops up into the boys home town of Wonobo, the compound is all blocked off and the boy (Isaac) is no longer allowed to see his best friend. What really throws his world upside-down, however, is 9/11.
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