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The Forbidden Room (2009)

The Forbidden Room (2009)

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About book The Forbidden Room (2009)

Sometimes, I thought it was an excellent novel, but at other times, I was bored enough to move on to other activities and to read another complete novel before returning to this book. Yes, there is a good psychological study of the characters, but why the authors always describe the Doms as having been abused children? I have known several dominants and they were all very psychologically strong. So please, stop describing them as damned sick! It was the same in Fifty Shades of Grey (which, incidentally, is crap). I thought I was disappointed enough for not wanting to read more, but then I surprised myself by reading the excerpt provided at the end of this first volume for the sequel. Yes, I eventually bought A House of Cards (second book). So basically, I'm still interested, even though there were annoying and irritating bits.* My language is French, so sorry if there is still mistakes in my review. There was so much emotion in this book. I could not put it down. All the characters feelings and responses to their lifes. I was so impressed with the author's descriptions of everything. How it doesn't matter the sex of the person you love just who they are as a person. It was very beautiful. When I was young I was pretty strick in my thoughts of people being gay was wrong. But as I have grown up I realize it is not a choice and that love is better then hate. What could be wrong with love.

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I've read this story time and time again. It will always be one of my all time favorites.

started off great, ending was disappointing and rushed.

Looooooved this story! Ethan and Jayden are YUMMY!

10% PWP Girl parts

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