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The French House. Nick Alexander (2013)

The French House. Nick Alexander (2013)

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About book The French House. Nick Alexander (2013)

Really wanted to like this book and had hoped to learn more about French villages and the county people who inhabit them, as well as the language, itself. However, my lack of knowing this language prohibited me from enjoying anything about this book. So much is written in French: terminologies, descriptions, expressions... and without translation to follow. So unless you have at least a mediocre understanding of the French language, I would suggest you pass on this book. The premise of this book sounds interesting. Bored CC moves to be with her boyfriend Victor, to restore a home he has inherited in France. Unfortunately CC also inherits Victor's aunt and she doesn't seem that pleased to have them as her neighbors. CC needs to decide if living in a van, no heating, crumbling houses and a bust boyfriend is really worth it all.I never warmed to Victor, if your partner sides against you in favour of an old aunt, or is too busy to take you seriously, then your relationship is doomed from the beginning.....

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Wouldn't recommend - poorly written, e book contains many mistakes. Unbelievable characters.

A quick, lighthearted read with a happy ever after ending. Nothing spectacular :-(

It was an entertaining book if only a bit far fetched!

Had such potential, but think it was awkward ending

A little dull

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