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The Fruit Hunters: A Story Of Nature, Obsession, Commerce, And Adventure (2008)

The Fruit Hunters: A Story of Nature, Obsession, Commerce, and Adventure (2008)
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038566267X (ISBN13: 9780385662673)
Doubleday Canada
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The Fruit Hunters: A Story Of Nature,...
The Fruit Hunters: A Story Of Nature, Obsession, Commerce, And Adventure (2008)

About book: Obsession is right... even the writing rushes forward obsessively. It's almost like watching an Indiana Jones movie; the frantic pace never lets up. Gollner includes some howlingly inaccurate science but, after a while, I realized he was just laying out every bizarre notion that folks have about fruit. He doesn't criticize, correct, or comment upon them (even if he knows them to be nonsense), he just serves them up. It's a lot easier to swallow if sprinkled with that proverbial grain of salt. Sometimes when browsing the cookbook section at my local library, I come across a food related book that is neither cookbook or food exposé. The Fruit Hunters is a fascinating tour around the world that teaches in a very entertaining way how the fruit we buy at the market became to be what it is.If you like food, agriculture, or travel this is a great book to read as it weaves all three into a complex tapestry to give a clear picture of how that apple variety you like so much came into being. From apples to papayas and everything in between this book keeps you informed and entertained about the food you eat.I know my description is a little lacking but you should read it as I think you will enjoy it as much as I did !
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He's not a good enough writer to make this book interesting.
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