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The Fugitive Factor (2005)

The Fugitive Factor (2005)

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I read the book "On the Run" by Gordon Korman. I really enjoyed this book. I like reading books that have mysteries. This book is in one of my favorite series of books.This book is about two kids whose parents are in jail and they are on the run. Meg and Aiden are two very young kids who are out in the state of Massachusetts trying to find evidence of why their parents shouldn't be in prison. Meg and Aiden are being chased by multiple people such as the police, Hairless Joe, and Agent Harris. The kids have to scavenge for a place to stay every night because they have no money. Sometimes Meg and Aiden have to fight for food. At the end of the book Meg gets caught by the police but Aiden escapes the police chase. Later Aiden breaks Meg out of jail and they both escape.The main characters are Meg and Aiden. Aiden is a 14 year old boy who knows quite a bit about how to live a life of fugitives. Aiden is very smart and will do anything to avoid cops at anytime. Meg is more of a strategist ,because she always has a plan in the back of her head that normally works out for them. Some other characters are John Falconer, Frank Lindenauer, Agent Harris, and Jane Macintosh. These minor characters mean a lot to the kids.The setting takes place in Boston, Massachusetts. The time is the early 2000s. There is a lot of new technology that we use today that is not quite as advanced. Meg and Aiden both are just scavenging around Boston looking for a place to live. Their are a lot landmarks in Boston that are brought up in the book. The Bostonian Hotel is where Meg and Aiden found a place to live for a week.I would recommend this book to a slower reader in High School who likes mysteries and action. Males and females should read this book.I would rate this book as a 4. Good characterization is represented and that really improves this book.

Since Aiden and Meg broke out of a juvenile detention facility, the FBI has been chasing after them. Not only is the FBI chasing them but also a killer they call Hairless Joe. They are on the run trying to hide from the public by acting like normal kids. They skip from town to town and have to hide the truth. Everyone asks where their parents are but they always make an excuse. Aiden and Meg are trying to find evidence to free their parents from prison. When Meg and Aiden turn to an old family friend for help, they get turned in. Meg ends up getting put in jail. Aiden is forced to carry on their mission of saving their parents by himself.Aiden is 15 years old. He believes his parents are innocent. He is very intelligent and patient. Aiden is very smart and can play by his own rules by breaking the rules that were made for him. Aiden is taking his parents being in jail really good.Meg is 11 years old. She is a very determined person. She believes her parents are innocent. She is mentally strong and can pull through with any plan with her sleek skills. Meg is always down because she cant be with her parents. She is tough and still pulls through.I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. It is very dramatic and suspenseful. I really liked this book. It wasn't too difficult of a read. I would recommend this book to teenagers. Both girls and guys would enjoy this book.

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I read “On the Run” book 2 “The Fugitive Factor” by Gordon Korman one of my favorite authors. At the beginning of this book leading off from the last book, Aiden and Meg are at a motel they think Frank Lindeneur (the only man who can prove their parents innocent) stayed in 10 years before. They are trying to ask for the records but are turned down and have to do it the fugitive way. They end up running away and having a four-wheeler accident and that leads to the worst things imaginable. “Hang On!” (11) My favorite part of this book is when Aiden and Meg think that they are trapped by cops in a hotel and Aiden refers to his father's book. The character in his father's book has to escape and saw a laundry chute Aiden then quickly finds one and hops down and Meg not far behind. They end up gaining so much momentum they would have looked like pancakes if they didn't land in a soft bed of... laundry.My favorite character in this book is their “Aunt Jane” which is Frank Lindeneur ex-girlfriend. She is a nice soft hearted person who wants the best for them. Later in the book she betrays them for their own good that is why she is my favorite.That is my review on the second book of the on the run series look forward to reading my review on the next book. By: Heather Peterson
—Heather p

Realistic Fiction147 pagesby Gordon KormanThis is the second book in the On The Run series. In this book, Aiden and Meg are continuing the search for Frank Lindenaur. On the way, they find a vital clue that could lead them to the evidence they need - Frank's ex-girlfriend. They think she will have what they need to prove him guilty and their parents innocent, until she turns on them.This was a great book!! I love this series so much so far. I love how Gordon Korman describes everything so well you can imagine what is going on very clearly in your head. It has the perfect combination of action, suspense, sadness, happiness, adventure, fear, and mystery. But aI think what I love best about these books are the characters. Their personalities are so diverse and they all have a purpose. I love how, although the FBI is after them, so is a bald assassin trying to murdur them, who is following them everywhere! It adds a great role of suspense and mystery. I can't figure out how he knows where they are!I'm seriously considering writeing a letter to Warner Brothers asking them to turn the first book, Chasing the Falconers, into a movie. I would love to play Meg! That is my dream role. I can't wait to write it and send it in - and possibly audition over the summer if they agree. I know that lots of people love this series and I think it would make a FANTASTIC movie!!!

Aiden and Meg Falconer are on a scavenger hunt to find proof to free their parents from prison.But to do that they have to live a secret life, and go under cover to get the evidence they need.Ever scince they broke out of the juvinile detention center that they were being held at, they were being chased around by the FBI, they were also being chased by a strange killer that was oddly nicknamed Hairless Joe. Now their story is all over the world and now everyone is looking for them.So they think they can get help from an old family freind, but when Meg was thrown in jail the danger level jumped from 5 to 10 and the adventure got more intence.
—Hamant R

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