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The Gates Of Zion (2006)

The Gates of Zion (2006)
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The Gates Of Zion (2006)
The Gates Of Zion (2006)

About book: This book takes you through the period in time known as the Palestine Partition 1947-1948. It is through the eyes of a few characters that the story is heard each with their own motives, dreams, fears and effects of the partition. While it does touch at times on the actual history, it more deals with the fictional lives of the main characters. Some of them are Jewish, but some are not. The plot, however, is the same for all. A series book this is the 1st. Very well-written and researched book. I knew when reading it that this was a fiction book, but the characters were so ALIVE to me that it felt as if I was reading of ACTUAL people in history. Amazing how the author spun history and romance together. At the end of this book I was Like WOW, I just read a book where I learned about something that in school was taught so drab and dry I never learned or retained it, but with this book, it was taught in such a way it was enlightening. My heart goes to the Jewish community for all the many centuries of persecution. Well Done!! I will definitely read the rest of the series.

This book was like reading a "B" movie. Some books can seamlessly blend historical fiction, romance, adventure, suspense, cultural issues--this is not one of them. The closest is comes to fulfilling any of these would be historical fiction. The characters are generally stereotypical and shallow, the premis is grossly biased, and I have to balk at any theme that makes one race of people 'the bad guy'; it takes a subject that is complex, historical, and sensitive and reduces it to the cognitive level of a fourth-grader. One redeeming area can be found in a few religious (Judaism-vs-Christianity)conversations between various characters. Yet, it's easy to feel that these islands of intellect are there to bolster the progaganda of the book rather than from the depth of the characters' personality.There is really no feeling of suspense when there should be, and with the possible exception of Reb Lebowitz and Yacov, who are minor characters, you could really care less who loves who or who lives or dies.
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This book reminds me of Leon Uris' "Exodus": a gentile woman falls in love with a Jewish man heavily involved in the establishment of a Jewish nation; they face danger and injustice together. The British are portrayed in a very bad light--which is totally justified as far as I know--and the leaders of the Arab masses as no more than thugs and murderers. The view is very one-sided: the Jews are all saints and the British and Arabs are all devils. (The Americans are clueless.) The characterization is well done, the characters are interesting and not totally predictable. The plot is not predictable--even though I know the history behind the events.
I read this book over 10 years ago but as this is the 50th anniversary of Israel becoming a country this month, it's always good to go back and reread the entire Zion series. I'm fully aware that these books are heavily slanted towards the Jewish point of view and I'm sure there have been ways that I've neglected the full truth of the situation due to these compelling novels. Still, before Bodie Thoene, I knew nothing about Israel so I'm grateful for the chance to have my eyes opened. Check out three series!
The reason I chose 5 stars was because this series usually I walk past, but on a friends recommendation I picked up the first book. I was pleasantly surprised. I loved this book. So much that I bought the entire series in a nice collection. I loved the History and the fact that the characters and the events are actual events and real people that lived in these most trying times of faith and perseverance. I loved the fact that this book brought this History to life for me about the creation of the Jewish state of Israel. I liked the characters and the fictional conversations. I think sometimes the folks that give this book a dismal review are probably not Christians and every book they read has to be epic of sorts. I cat wait to get into the other continuing series from Thoene.
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