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The Girl Games (2012)

The Girl Games (2012)
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The Girl Games (2012)
The Girl Games (2012)

About book: Fun book! Even though this is a children's book I still like to read it because it's a nice twist on Greek mythology and the gods and goddesses!I think this particular book wasn't one of the ones I enjoyed... There a lot of ridiculous drama that I found was girlish but the ending of this novel was one of those "feel good endings"...So overall ok book but I didn't particularly liked it... Looking forward to the next one! Okay, I’m coming clean. When I was younger I had no idea what the Olympic Games were. All I could gather was that it came every couple of years and I couldn’t watch the Disney Channel because my mom would be yelling at the television. Had The Girl Games been published when I was a kid, perhaps I would not have been in the dark.The Girl Games is an adorable reinterpretation of the Olympic Games. This time, it is girls only and our favorite young goddesses are competing. Each chapter is a different goddess girl’s perspective on the craziness surrounding MOA (Mount Olympus Academy). Surprisingly I liked this structure of the novel, more than the previous Goddess Girl books. It brought more to the story somehow and kept the reader constantly interested.Obviously I enjoyed The Girl Games. It was just as imaginative and quirky as the other books in the series. However my only real problem with The Girl Games was the conclusion. Every goddess girl wins her spot except for Athena. While I give kudos for making Athena the loser (let’s face it, she spends way too much time studying to be athletic) I would have liked to see the games come as more of a challenge to the players. Artemis’s archery contest was by far the most interesting, and that’s because it came as more of a challenge. I also would have liked to hear more from the other competitors, especially the Amazons. Still, despite these minor disappointments, I have to say this “Super Special” was a “Super Success”. It’s definitely something to pick up before the buzz of the real Olympics die down! ~Jess
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Very good. I love greek mythology so it makes it more interesting.
Four times the awesome of a regular Goddess Girls book!
Another enjoyable read in an amazing childrens series.
it is a great book and a great series
greek goddesses... here they come.
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