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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (1965)

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (1965)

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184688134X (ISBN13: 9781846881343)
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About book The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (1965)

So, it's not actually a novel, but, rather, two novellas compilled into one book. One is the famous "The Girl who Leaps through the Time", and one is a story called "The Stuffs that Nightmares are Made of".First of all, Tsutsui seems to understand how to withhold the plot sequence and makes the readers question things. There always moments when questions popped within my head--which of course leads me to seek for the answer. It's like a plot twist, although, it feels beautifully crafted.I'm just going to comment for the first story, btw.From what I had read, The Girl who Leapt through Time is nicely arranged. The plot is well-arranged, and although it does have a taste of sci-fi, it doesn't leave its adolescent's part. A little abrupt, but suitable for a story this length.The character also seems distinctive. Although two characters share similar name (Kazuko and Kazuo), I can still acknowledge the difference. Although, maybe, that's because I've seen the OVA.How Tsutsui arraged the sentence is also quite a read for me. True, there are a lot of telling scenes here-and-there, but the dialogues are great. Kudos for the translator.Final verdict: very enjoyable. Me gusta como escribe el autor así que continuaré leyendo sus novelas, sin embargo esperaba más de ésta, no profundiza en los personajes ni en sus sentimientos, siento que tenía mucho potencial :( y lo arruinó u.u. Por otra parte, referente a la chica que saltaba en el tiempo, me gustó que explica lo de los viajes en el tiempo y quien era el viajero, cosa que, en la película apenas lo nombran.

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A sweet little time travel story. I think the movie built on the concept and story arc very well.

Good story, strange translation.



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