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The Girl Who Owned A City (2012)

The Girl Who Owned a City (2012)

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0761349030 (ISBN13: 9780761349037)
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About book The Girl Who Owned A City (2012)

This book wasn't for me. With its original from 1975, many things just no longer make sense. With all of the adults are wiped out by disease, this book initially reminded me of Lord of the Flies, so I was intrigued. After just a few pages though, it was obviously nothing like Lord of the Flies. She was paranoid and her decisions hardly made any sense. And then end! Ridiculously unbelievable. I think I found this book out-of-touch, probably because the book was originally written in 1975. This is a graphic novel adaptation, and the illustrations were good, but they don't help the story in today's world. In the quest to find books for my kids to read, came across this graphic novel. I vaguely remember reading the book, but remember the story more from the local stage production I was in as a kid. I had only a couple of lines, nothing big. Naturally it caught my eye and a way to introduce my kids to it.Before all the current batch of Young Adult books about kids in the post disaster world, this was the first to do it. It follows kids in a town trying to survive after all the adults are killed.The main character Lisa is trying to find a way to survive. She comes up a way to survive and create a 'city' for those who follow her. The story follows her progress in building this 'city'.For fantasy, the plot is tight. It does address issues that would be faced in the situation. This ranges from rival gangs to getting food. The exception of how they get fuel. This was not addressed, but there is some driving in it that makes me wonder where they get it from.The book is mostly about Lisa, and you are given insight to how and why she does what she does. Good character growth. Granted, how she goes about creating the 'city' you could agree with her methods or not. I did enjoy that her plans are brought into questions by some of her top followers.The other characters are not given as much depth, but enough to understand them and their interactions with Lisa.For the artwork the, it was good. It worked well with the story, with good use of colors and design. It did not distract or take away from the story. Overall a very good book. Granted the actual novel might have more details that are lost in the condense graphic novel, but it is a good way to introduce you kids to it.

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Also for work. It would be interesting to read the original novel of this.

This book was pretty good it wasn't my favorite but it was OK.

definitely not as good as the book but I enjoyed the artwork.

i want more. where is more?

Kind of preachy.

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