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The Girl With Borrowed Wings (2012)

The Girl With Borrowed Wings (2012)

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About book The Girl With Borrowed Wings (2012)

I absolutely adored this book. The romance was just so HNNNNGHHH. I LOVED THEM TOGETHER. They're romance scenes were just so *sigh* adorable. Her character development was very well written out. I am so thankful for her best friend for giving her that "push" she needed. Loved the plot. It was so fresh and original. I re-read a lot of the cute romantic scenes. Hehe. So adorable. She even named him. :) *sighhhhh* This book was fun. I loved the fantasy aspect of it. A girl growing up with her family in a society where she's not allowed to visit friends without parental appointments being scheduled. Her world consists of the bubble from her school, parent's car, and home. She has a very contained life, and then a boy with wings and mystery comes and helps her escape from her reality during the night-time. I liked this book, but I wasn't in love with it. I had trouble understanding the depth of Frenenquer's obedience to her parents, although I understood the hardship of her almost abusive treatment by them, her parents who should be nothing but protective. Overall, I think it was meant for a younger crowd than myself.

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Weird, but interesting! The ending made me very happy :)

Beautiful story of redemption.

Loved it! Great book

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