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The Gods Of Guilt (2013)

The Gods of Guilt (2013)

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0316069515 (ISBN13: 9780316069519)
Little, Brown and Company

About book The Gods Of Guilt (2013)

This is the first Michael Connelly offering I have read. His Harry Bosch series has not intrigued me enough to give one of those novels a chance, but the Lincoln Lawyer series had struck me as off-beat enough to consider trying. And now I've read one. It's okay. The hero, Mickey Haller, comes through as smart, clever, and a psychologically astute judge of character. All that makes Haller a very likable character and this book an enjoyable diversion. That said, the novel is not exceptional. It is unlikely that I will read any Michael Connelly offerings in the future. Another winner by Michael Connelly. The best of the five books in the Lincoln Lawyer series. Michael Haller defends a pimp wrongly accused of murdering one of his girls, a prostitute that Haller has defended many times in the past. Haller and his team must find the truth, which involves exposing a DEA agent, James Marco, and his buddy, a DA investigator, Lankford. The novel ends with a bang, and justice for all.

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This was a very easy read. I wished for a few more twists and turns and a little suspense.

another solid offering in the Lincoln Lawyer series

One of my favorite mystery characters

Usual fun and typical Connelly!

Great writing....

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