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The Golden Dynasty (2000)

The Golden Dynasty (2000)

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About book The Golden Dynasty (2000)

The plot, characters and pacing of the story were all well executed, and I really enjoyed the steamy sex scenes (there is a rape scene but is not explicit at all). However, I found the writing too colloquial (e.g. "her eyes got big") and unsophisticated. The author also describes the clothing and surroundings excessively, but she gives us the details and never shows. I think this would make a great movie. I keep imagining Lahn to be somewhat alike to The Rock in The Scorpion King. I am not normally a person who likes to read supernatural or paranormal type of books. But after seeing reviews of The Golden Dynasty, and being a KA fan, I decided to try this series. I did read Wildest Dreams first (which was also good), but I must say I absolutely loved this book. Definitely a very emotional read as it does deal with a lot of violence and abuse in an environment where things like that are the norm, but it turns into a wonderful story, obviously in a "fantasy" type of way! It was hard to seeLahn and Circe's story come to an end, I wanted more!

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My all time favorite Kristen Ashley book, amazing, sexy , thrilling!!



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