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The Good Girls Revolt: How The Women Of Newsweek Sued Their Bosses And Changed The Workplace (2012)

The Good Girls Revolt: How the Women of Newsweek Sued their Bosses and Changed the Workplace (2012)

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About book The Good Girls Revolt: How The Women Of Newsweek Sued Their Bosses And Changed The Workplace (2012)

"Our generation was raised to be attractive and smart - but not too smart." (Page 11)An interesting read on the whole with some droll bits in the middle but absolutely essential for women to remember this case and understand what a brave move it was for the Newsweek women to stand up and fight against sex discrimination. I don't think we've gone far enough with the woman's movement, even though it is undeniable that there has been progress. It's an inspiring book for women in the working world. I would recommend it. Ha! Finally finished!!! It took me FOREVER!! Not because the book was poorly written or because the content was "snooze worthy," but because I work in a profession where reading is a large part of my job description. So leisure reading gets pushed to the back burner. The Good Girls Revolt was eye opening, to say the least. The activity that went on at Newsweek in the 70's, and I'm sure before the lawsuit was even a thought process, were just appalling. A feeling I had at one point, when Povich was setting up the back story was "Where is Newsweek? I need to burn this place to the ground." Not to mention the book opens with an anecdote of a Newsweek's current female staff (2010), gearing up to write a piece on recent issues with sexism at that SAME magazine...0_o I don't understand!? You mean after that lengthy, in depth, very public scene of feminism and legal correction, there is STILL sexist issues at Newsweek?!!? The reality of this book was just baffling to me (however my profession is majority female, always have, and didn't take any shit from the men that wondered in to our midst).I would recommend this book to any of my female friends. It is a vital edition to your personal feminist studies. This book gives context. It shows exactly what Povich, and her colleagues, had to go through to make it easier for women like me to be fearless in the path of sexism; to appreciate the ease with which we obtain promotions and career advancement. The Good Girls Revolt cures the habit of taking our freedoms for granted. However it also shows that the fight is far from over and in being comfortable in our "sexist-free" mindsets we have become complacent and the tides are turning backwards. Read it! Love it! Learn from it!

Do You like book The Good Girls Revolt: How The Women Of Newsweek Sued Their Bosses And Changed The Workplace (2012)?

Very interesting book about the feminist revolution and how it occurred in the Newsweek workplace.

Thank you to the strong women who fought for rights that they couldn't enjoy, but knew I would!

learned a lot, review to come!

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