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The Good, The Bad, And The Emus (2014)

The Good, the Bad, and the Emus (2014)

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1250009502 (ISBN13: 9781250009500)
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About book The Good, The Bad, And The Emus (2014)

And... she's off. This book opens with Meg Lanslow looking forward to a summer of blacksmithing. At least until she slices open her hand. But that's okay because PI Stanley needs her help. It seems he's located her grandmother. Unfortunately, just a little too late and her surviving cousin is a recluse who refuses to speak to anyone. He needs Meg, who looks just like her grandmother, to come and open some doors for him. Meg finally meets the reclusive Annabelle (listened to the audio so not sure of spelling). She's shocked though when Annabelle refuses to tell her anything about the family until Meg solves her cousin's (Meg's grandmother) death. Annabelle feels that the local sheriff isn't paying enough attention and wants someone else to look at the death. Well, Meg has the perfect excuse to go down south to help solve this murder. It seems there is a mob of feral emus running around and her grandfather, the famous Montgomery Blake, has been called in to help so Meg joins with Blake's Brigade and heads down to herd some emus.Another light and fun cozy that Andrews fans will enjoy. The Good, The Bad and The Emus is a lighthearted cozy mystery about a woman named Meg who becomes involved in solving her grandmother's murder, a grandmother she never had the chance to meet. When distant relatives from Riverton ask her to help save the natural Emus in the area, Meg has her famous grandfather and his team camp at their meadow as an excuse to help the wildlife while she works on her investigation. Meg comes across many secrets which bring her closer to the solution while making her a target for murder. You'll meet many of the members of Meg's family, her grandfather, Dr. Blake and his wildlife team as well as some wacky neighbors. But will they solve the mystery before the murderer strikes again? A lighthearted, wacky, cozy mystery.

Do You like book The Good, The Bad, And The Emus (2014)?

Fun with emus and her grandmother's cousin. One of her better ones.

A good next book to this very likable series.

this was a good book.

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