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The Graduation (1998)

The Graduation (1998)
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The Graduation (1998)
The Graduation (1998)

About book: Here are somethings I noticed/remembered/liked/disliked about Book Three: The Graduation (the link is to Goodreads).Let's see...Noticed1] Pike really does go out of his way to make Jessica likeable in this one.2] could anyone not notice where he was going with Claire's boyfriend...???3] The second I started this book I knew exactly what happened to Alice, I remember every detail from this book especially the ending on the boat.Remembered1] Jessica and Michael and the sex in the shower...except for my 13 year old brain, really did think this scene lasted longer than 3 lines...hurrrmphf2] I guess the Jessica of Book 3 is the Jessica I always remembered.3] I'm still wondering if Polly killed her *spoiler* old grandmother, or was it old aunt...hmm...can't remember that part.Liked1] Michael, always have always will2] This book is full of surprise and action and murder and lots of mystery.3] That Clark was strange, but innocent.Disliked1] That Polly really does get away with a lot.2] The stereotypes about homosexuals, black people, Hispanic people, sports players, cheerleaders, druggies et cetera that are thrown around carelessly.3] That it took me until Book 3 to remember everything.

At last the Final Friends gets a conclusion and finally the work done in seeing the crafting of the many central characters unfold is richly rewarded with this clever and wonderfully paced climax. As I said in my review of Book 1, this is really a single novel split into three parts.The Graduation begins as Book 2 did, skipping a few months ahead from the end of the previous and finding the entire book's action taking place in a single day, the last day of school. Granted, I don't know of many s
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Autumn Cook
This book is super good!!! Its a good ending for the series to though. I cant believe Polly thought the bad Clark was real and it was really her all along, trying to cover up that she actually did it...
Finally the end of the Final Friends sereis. I finished this in one night. It was very intruging and I loved it just as much as the first two. I did have my suspisions all along on who I thought did it, and I am proud to say that I was correct. This book took place a few months after the dance. Pike really tried to make Jessica likable in this book. After the second she was one of my least favourite characters. Maria was up there with them, after she screamed at Jessica, but once again, he really tried to make her likable. Sara was my favourtie character. She was sarcastic, funny and very easy to like. Micheal was very admirable for never stopping to find Alice's killer. Nick was also admirable for never leaving Maria. The one person I couldn't stand was Polly. I hated her ever since she tried to take Russ. Anyways, this book wasa very good. I wish it didn't end there. This was one of my favourite series for the year. Great job Pike!Rating: 8.5/10Parental Rating: 14+
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