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The Grimm Legacy (2010)

The Grimm Legacy (2010)

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0399250964 (ISBN13: 9780399250965)
Putnam Juvenile

About book The Grimm Legacy (2010)

When i found this book, i was so unsure about it. I thought to myself that it was only to pass time. I'll tell you, when i opened the book i feel so in love, so fast and even before i knew it, the day was already gone before my eyes. I have probably gone on about this saying i say and what i like in books and this one show all the signs that it was meant to be. While i was reading this those, i was to scared of the out come of who might be the bad person on the inside and OH BOY, was it a relief to find it wasn't anyone i wanted it not to be.I truly love how everything came together and i am so happy for the two main characters that fell in love, even when they didn't even know till it was already happing. I feel so happy for them! I'm going to give it 4 stars because of potential. I really enjoyed last third, but overall the book is a bit choppy and could have done with a good editor. I also spent a portion rolling my eyes a bit because it made no sense to not ask for help at certain points, and did nothing for the believability factor. BUT I plan to read the next installment - I really did enjoy parts of this, and want to hear more about the Grimm Collection, and the repository. Also? Should they need a children's librarian for the staff I *might* be up for the job. ;) Recommend for lovers of fantasy, fairy tale, and adventure. Intended for juvenile readers, but could be good for some teen readers as well.

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The book was wonderful... I read it for class and found it had a great rhythm to it.

i didn't really like this book as much

this was a fun book..

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