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The Gryphons' Dream (2012)

The Gryphons' Dream (2012)
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kathleen hosinger
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The Gryphons' Dream (2012)
The Gryphons' Dream (2012)

About book: I must say this is the most exciting and intriguing series I have read in a long time. I can't help but remember when I read Harry Potter as a kid. The first time I truly felt a connection with the characters and not only a want but a need to complete the series and watch the lives of these people I have come to love unfold. This is the feeling I get from this series. I love all the characters and every new bit of information that is building the suspense for the final showdown is in my opinion perfectly timed. I will of course have to re read the entire series at a slower pace later as at the moment I just really want to know what happens so I am going through them a little quickly. But that is the kind of book I love, something that I can't help but devour so quickly that I have to read it again to discover any little hint I missed the first time round.I am in love and fully recommend reading this series.

The review for this one is the same for previous book, the authors writing has improved in leaps and bounds for these last two books which is relief because it combines sci-fi, shapeshifters and fmmm - how can you go wrong?I don't really think these two are up to a true rating of four because I still think the weak point is the erotic scenes, and in this type of book, the sex is an integral part; but I really think she should be banned from using the words "pinch" and "milking" - and too much dialogue, and inconsistent with characters personalities in rest of book.
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