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The Handbook To Handling His Lordship (Scandalous Brides (2013)

The Handbook to Handling His Lordship (Scandalous Brides (2013)

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About book The Handbook To Handling His Lordship (Scandalous Brides (2013)

The fourth book in the Scandalous Brides series, and this one had a very adult, almost-modern feel to it.I liked the characters but I didn’t love them, I didn’t mind the story, and I thought it was definitely passionate with wonderful chemistry between the h/h. But, at the end of the day, I didn’t get swept away or get overly invested in this one. It was an enjoyable, pretty decent read, but nothing more for me. I usually love this author to pieces, so it was a little disappointing to not love it more.Still, hardly a bad romance at all, very readable, and it trucked along at a good pace. The ending seemed overly convoluted and I struggled a bit with the motivation to do it, but hey, the h/h got what they wanted and their HEA, so can’t argue too much. Decent read. I might come back and try to read it when i've gotten over my issues the heroine's lack of virginity. If this was a contemp i wouldn't care, but one of my pet peeves in historicals is people behaving with modern day values... in this case within the first couple of chapters it is revealed that a well educated woman on the run has had some lovers, but she doesn't kiss them because it's too intimate. Pretty Woman anyone? so now i have the prostitute associations going on in my head and i just don't want to read it anymore...but yeah, unless the heroine is widowed or been sweet talked out of her prized virginity by a no good rake who promised her marriage(and even then i'm automatically putting that h in the TSTL category) or died before they could get to the altar, i don't want to read it in my historical romances. i'm old school, you don't open your legs in a historical for anything less than love (unless it was that whole arranged marriage thing).I wouldn't have any issues with this if it was a contemp story though... go figure.

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Though I was unsure of another Tantalus Club story, I enjoyed the byplay between the characters.

Sweet story. Nice mystery. But I did not like the set up of how soon they were intimate.

Not as good as the others. Had a little trouble staying focused.

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