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The Haunting Of Autumn Lake (2011)

The Haunting of Autumn Lake (2011)

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About book The Haunting Of Autumn Lake (2011)

This book was the perfect escape from all of the sadness that is going on in the world. It is so refreshing to open a book and be taken back to a quieter time in life with pumpkin patches, county fairs, delicious recipes made with apples picked straight from the tree. Also, I just love all of the authors notes that she puts at the end of her books. It truly connects you to her as a person, it is hard to criticize her books when you feel like she is sharing so much personal information. Having said this, I long for Marcia to write a book about a female character who is more confident. I was hoping that this character might be Autumn, I could see her going in for the first kiss having grown up in a home so full of love and the affection. Although, I guess then you would have lost that amazing kissing scene under the bridge. Keep up the good work Marcia. Thanks for the relaxing, happy, read. Alright. Should I give it three or four stars? I went with 3. Wait. Maybe I'll change it to 4. Yep, I'm changing it to 4. I almost always enjoy Marcia's books. How can you not love someone that puts so much of herself into her books?...that's admirable (and that's why I'm going with 4). Reading The Haunting of Autumn Lake is like taking a walk with the author. She loves nature and romance. It's a little over the top, especially the first 30 pages or so (I was honestly rolling my eyes and chuckling). I don't know if I just got used to all the adjectives and use of the word "ambrosia" (what IS that anyway?!)....or if it honestly got better. The fact remains, I did like this book. It was sweet. And really corny. Not much plot, but who cares when the men are constantly taking off their shirts and "sparking" with the ladies, right? hahaha. Must be my secret and pathetically romantic side manifesting itself. I am hopeless. I LOVE substance in my reading, but I also love fluff. This is the lightest kind of fluff. It was enjoyable. Plus, for those of you that obsessed over Ransom Lake (I missed the boat on that one), you get another dose of him and Vaden. It's a little ridiculous (of course), but still made me laugh and feel whatever. Marcia's books almost always leave me with a smile....The Haunting of Autumn Lake did that for me 4 stars...I'll be embarassed about this later, I'm sure.

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Oh this is a terrific sequel to Visions of Randsome Lake!!! I so enjoyed this book!!

Such a great story, and wonderful sequel to THE VISIONS OF RANSOM LAKE.

Loved it!! I made me want to read the Visions of Ransom Lake again.

You just can't top Ransom Lake.

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