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The Heir Of Night (2010)

The Heir of Night (2010)

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0061734047 (ISBN13: 9780061734045)
Harper Voyager

About book The Heir Of Night (2010)

So I picked this up thinking it looked interestingThen I started to read it and became rather disinterested. It reads like a poor copy (very very derivative) of P.C.Hodgell's Kencyrath novels. Even the name of the Priest (who is shunned for his magical abilities) starts with the same letter, Kindrie in P.C. Hodgell's works, Kalan in Helen Lowe's work. To be more broad in comparisons, in P.C.Hodgell's work the Kencyr who arrived with earthquakes and disaster upon Rathillien as the ancient enemies of the Perimal Darkling. Some Kencyr who have betrayed their people and turned to the side of Chaos are known as Darklings. Since their arrival on Rathillien many Kencyr have lessened. But they still guard the border between the perimal dark, and Rathillien Jamethiel is the last female of her house (knorth) which are the ruling house of the kencyr. She is cast out by her father for her Shanir (magical) traits. In Helen Lowe's work the Derai live on the edges of the world, guarding the wall from the Swarm. These Swarm have similar armour, were once Derai. Malan, female heir of the House of Night must leave her house when she is found to have magical abilities. In both it is a chosen race who moves across different worlds over centuries in an ancient fight against chaos, and has a case of cultural ptsd stemming from an internal betrayal when some of their kind once turned towards the enemy. Personally I find that I might have been able to forgive Helen Lowe's works lack of originality if they had been written well. The fact of the matter is that she lacks P.C.Hodgell's effortless world-building skills and ability to create seamless tension and shifts across time, perspective and portrayal of flawed characters. Helen Lowe has made the lead character into a Mary Sue, and has stifling dialogue and clumsy phrasing. Really, there is only one word that can be used to describe The Heir of Night.Average.While the Derai culture may be interesting, and The Swarm immensely cool, the book is marred by cliches, unrealistic dialogue, deux ex machimas and a glacial pace, plus characters who often lack distinguishing features and therefore can often be hard to tell apart.The monsters were cool though, so it gets an extra star. Hopefully the next book will be better.P.S. Kyr. What an idiot. Why did he have to drag Lira into his stupid plan? I quite liked Lira.

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I'm loving this book! Already downloaded the second in the series. Hope Helen finishes the 3rd soon!

It starts out soooo slow!! Glad I hung in there!

Nice adventure, world, characters


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