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The Hole We're In (2010)

The Hole We're In (2010)

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0802119239 (ISBN13: 9780802119230)
Grove Press, Black Cat

About book The Hole We're In (2010)

The novel follows the Pomeroy family form the early 90's into the future. Roger Pomeroy decides to study for his PhD, and the family soon goes deeply into debt. His wife, Georgia, steals from their son by opening up credit cards in his name, and also takes their daughter's college fund. The story shows how bad decisions can affect a family forever. Every character is flawed, very unlikable, almost pathetic, but the book is a page turner. I took an off-chance on this book and I am so glad I did. What a good book. The family story told over 40 years was really compelling. It moved fast...told "just enough," yet led you to fill in your own story as to how the gaps in years might have gone. There was this odd feeling of optimism I had after each "part" only to find what happened in the between years. A real portrait of life. Lemonade made from lemons; good days with good people; bad days with bad people. Makes me want to read more by this young author.

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The first part dragged for me, but I enjoyed reading about Patsy. Very thought-provoking...

Must read for all that enjoy soap opera type stories. Great account of a family in chaos.

loved it. sad story, but oddly realistic. would rec.

Really good book -

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