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The Holiday: A London Romantic Adventure (2012)

The Holiday: A London Romantic Adventure (2012)

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About book The Holiday: A London Romantic Adventure (2012)

Rarely do I read romance specific writings. This proved to be enjoyable with a small paragraph structure and 139 pgs it made for a quick and easy read, plus it was free. Told from the perspective of both the main characters, Melanie & Colin; a story about a woman who placed her life on hold with the help of her community following the untimely passing of her fiance. After a chance encounter she is given the opportunity to travel abroad and gain some new beginnings. Role reversal: She's only interested in a little physical action whereas he wants more. A very light romance. Bordering on fairytale-ish especially the part where Colin meets Leilani in Maui, barely speaks to her, returns to London and then admits that if she hadn't shown up when she did in London, he contemplated going back to Maui to chase her down. I partially rolled my eyes at this and went hmmm...I zoomed through the rest of the book, wanting to get to the end cos I hate to leave books unfinished.

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This was a free download from Kindle. I really liked this book. Interesting characters.

It was free on Amazon. A cute quick read.

A great short story from Kate Perry.

Lovely romance

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