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The House Of Velvet And Glass (2012)

The House of Velvet and Glass (2012)

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About book The House Of Velvet And Glass (2012)

This book focuses on a young woman who lost her mother and sister to the tragedy of the Titanic. She is trying to deal with the loss and other loses in her life, as well as family members who are complicated. There are times you want to slap her if you could in response to a 21st century reader in the perspective of an uncompromising character. She is frustratingly conventional for the time, but is none the less endearing.This book surprised me. I expected it to be a melodrama much like many pieces concerning the tragedy of the Titanic. But as I got into it, I wasn't sure of where this book intended to go. It took the long route to many of the points it meant to make and did it softly, subtly, taking us for a leisurely walk along the age. Eventually, when it does make the point, it still travels through it leisurely. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, particularly when the reader enjoys imbibing in the time and the characters where the writing style stays pure to the time it concerns. The writer puts the reader completely in that world, there is never an inconsistency. It is a long read, but I found it enjoyable. Two and a half stars (just because I'm not a fan of the period romance genre). I had enjoyed Howe's book, "Conversion," which I felt realistically captured teenagers of the 1700's and modern day. That book sought scientific explanations, with just a touch of other-world possibilities. If I had thought more about this book's plot (Titanic), I would have expected a period romance. The author remains true to the genre style while not overdoing it. She adds enough pragmatic critique to the spiritualism of the day to make one instantly suspicious of spiritualists' effect on innocent and bereaved society women. Then the author adds back in a twist that opens back up other possibilities. Like "Conversion", this book shifts back and forth between time periods, coming together at the end in a believable ending. Some interesting ideas about fate and life at the end upped my appreciation of the story.

Do You like book The House Of Velvet And Glass (2012)?

Wasn't enjoying it- had to abandon about a quarter through. Too period-piece mannered.

It was could have cut about 120 pages and it would have been a better book

Very good book that draws in the Titantic and life in Boston during 1915

I couldn't get into this book. Not like her other one at all.

Loved it!

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