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The Housing Boom And Bust (2009)

The Housing Boom and Bust (2009)
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The Housing Boom And Bust (2009)
The Housing Boom And Bust (2009)

About book: This is a brilliant piece written by a man who deeply understands the far-reaching effects of government intervention. He cleverly focuses on the root causes of the housing crisis while simultaneously dispelling media myths and leftist dogma. While he doesn't place the full burden of blame on government, he does target government policies and the incentives they create for individuals' actions. Sowell keeps it simple and sweet. Though I wish the book was 100 pages longer with a bit more depth. I am a big fan of Thomas Sowell's work. This brings a sound perspective to what is going on behind the scenes the global economy. This short book cuts through the political rhetoric and flawed thinking that is truly causing the financial erosion of our country. Every citizen and leader needs to understand what Thomas brings up in this book because voting and supporting the wrong leaders that perpetuate bloated government control will be our demise as a country.
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Excellent book dissecting the problems that lead up to the Subprime Mortgage mess.
Wise and shrewd, like most of Sowell's work. A clarion call for clear thinking.
Spoiler alert: Thomas Sowell thinks the government is to blame. Shocking.
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