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The Hunger Games Tribute Guide (2012)

The Hunger Games Tribute Guide (2012)
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0545457823 (ISBN13: 9780545457828)
Scholastic Press
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The Hunger Games Tribute Guide (2012)
The Hunger Games Tribute Guide (2012)

About book: I got this for a dollar at the Dollar Tree along with The World of the Hunger Games. It was a good price, and I kind of wanted more information on the different Tributes and Districts to be honest. I read this a few months ago, so I won't be going into much detail. Still though, I find it horrible how most of the tributes don't have names they just say Tribute Girl or Tribute Boy. How horrible! Not even a name unknown, just Tribute Boy/Girl! Though they can sure give you the heights (and occasionally the ages) of each unnamed tribute girl and boy. And can I just ask, did we honestly need a Gender listed under the names? Seriously, isn't it kind of obvious?Maybe I'm overthinking this? Anyways, for the price, it's a fun read. There's nothing in here that you didn't get from the book, but for those who didn't read, here's a good way to catch up... It's an OK book, written from an in-universe Capitol-sympathizing point of view. If you've read the original trilogy and seen the movie, then there's nothing in here that will surprise you or is worth reading about. I'd recommend this book only for someone who hasn't read the books and only has seen the movie.Good: nice logos of all 12 districts and close-up face pictures of all 24 tributes seen in The Hunger Games movie - the reason I would recommend this book to someone who has already read the books and seen the movie (although you could probably find the on the internet too). Clear description of anything related to the Hunger Games event leading up to entering the arena, no spoilers as to who will win.Cons: small format (about the size of a trade paperback) - it would have looked much better twice this size. Also, the binding is quite tight, which makes photos that spread over two pages are difficult to view in the middle. Spoilers about everything that happens up to when the tributes are ready to enter the arena. I also would have liked descriptions and full size photos of all parade costumes, but they get only brief mentions and a few small photos.And last, just a note: don't be surprised that most tributes in this book are identified only as 'tribute boy' or 'tribute girl' - they weren't named in the novels or the movie.
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Bought this for my daughter when she went through her "obsessed with Hinger Games" phase!
It's a wonderful way to get excited for the movie
I love this BOOK!!!!!!!
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