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The Husband Habit (2009)

The Husband Habit (2009)
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0312537042 (ISBN13: 9780312537043)
St. Martin's Press
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The Husband Habit (2009)
The Husband Habit (2009)

About book: The story of Vanessa Chavez is definitely chic lit and is perfect for bringing to the beach. It is a light read, and sometimes that� s exactly what is needed. I found the fractured sentences distracting but not enough to stop reading the book. Overall, I was left with a hurried and incomplete feeling at the end, almost as if this were a rough draft and only a skeleton of what the story could have actually been. All the ingredients are there however, the spice is in the details. Listened to The Husband Habit by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. Vanessa Duran has a great life: she?s a whiz of a chef, making her grandstanding restaurant-owner boss look good; her house in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a comfortable nest; and she is loved by her friends and her family. So what?s the problem? Vanessa keeps falling for married men. Not that she knows they?re married: each and every time she?s duped, taken for a ride, outright fooled. As The Husband Habit begins, Vanessa discovers she?s fallen for a married guy yet again?but this time, the wife finds out about Vanessa too, and practically runs her over with her mini-van (complete with three kids inside, cheering mom on). There?s nothing for a girl to do but take a vow to stay single and figure out why she makes the ultimate bad choice of boyfriend over and over again. Vanessa focuses on work and on helping out at her parents house, but then she meets Paul, whose mother lives next to her parents. He seems all wrong on paper, but surprises her with his smarts and his charm. Just when her guard goes down, though, the red flag goes up: Paul, of course, is married. But could there be an innocent explanation? I give this book 2 stars and a 7. I like the Albuquerque theme but the ending disappointed me. An ok read.
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weird book. I had a hard time staying interested.
chick lit light but cute
A fun light read.
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