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The Husband's Secret (2013)

The Husband's Secret (2013)
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0399159347 (ISBN13: 9780399159343)
Putnam Adult
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The Husband's Secret (2013)
The Husband's Secret (2013)

About book: A good aeroplane book. Initially there were too many unconnected characters and the fact that each chapter was about one group I found clunky. Once the story got going it became predictable but the big reveal, the husband's mightily obvious secret, actually came before half way and then the book got good. It's not especially memorable but it is a new brand of chic-lit which was enjoyable and engrossing enough. I won't be bringing it home but neither do I regret the time spent reading. Moriarty draws her characters really well, so you feel as if you're sitting around having a cup of coffee together as they tell you what happened while dropping the kids off at school. I was drawn to this book, as I enjoyed one of her other books, Big Little Lies, and I wanted to read more from her. While I was immediately pulled into the story, as she has a way of arousing curiosity with a bit of confusion, and then hooking you with your concern for the characters, I felt at times I was putting together a jigsaw puzzle. (Ok, this event matches which character? This character did what before?) The ending for the two main female protagonists--Tess and Cecilia-- seemed out-of-character, like jamming the puzzle piece in the wrong place. A Hallmark ending. Still, I love the way she writes.
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Moriarty at her very best. Couldn't put it down. An exhilarating ride!
engrossing, very readable,interesting. I liked it very much.
Wonderful! I could not put this book down.
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