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The Ice Cream Girls (2000)

The Ice Cream Girls (2000)

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1847443648 (ISBN13: 9781847443649)

About book The Ice Cream Girls (2000)

Put off reading this for a long time despite recommendations as I was expecting from the title and front cover cheesy chick-lit and an 'easy read'. Whilst it is an easy read, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this is in fact a psychological thriller telling a dark story from the perspective of two girls (the 'Ice Cream Girls') involved in a murder several years prior. It was refreshing to read a novel of this genre whereupon all parties give an account of what they believe happened, with a couple of unexpected twists. First book I have read and enjoyed by Dorothy Koomson and certainly won't be the last. This book touches its readers in so many ways. The book brings to life abuse, both mentally and physical, from the abusers POV as well as the abused. Forgives is another challenge at the forefront of this story. I liked that the voice was told by both Serena and Poppy. This book had me from the first page. I selected it for my book club pick this month. I can't wait to see what everyone has to say about it when we get together next month. Well done. Excellent read.

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I loved this book I could not put it down looking forward to reading others by Dorothy koomston

good read. wanted to seriously hurt the male protaganist, glad he got his just deserts.

Very good. Getting to like Dorothy Koomson books. They grip you and don't let go.

Ok, not the best book but not the worst book I have ever read.

Read this awhile back...really good!

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