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The Indwelling (2001)

The Indwelling (2001)
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The Indwelling (2001)
The Indwelling (2001)

About book: As I get further into this series the racism, sexism and evidence of an utter lack of sincerity and writing skill of the authors becomes more and more evident. The story itself is still engaging, but I'm not sure if I'm going to bother with the rest of the books as they are now becoming so disturbing.The idiocy in this book includes:The actual line "Why did he not use his Middle Eastern maleness...?"The term "raghead"More Asians who can't speak English besides "Me no speak English" (thankfully one spoke German, but OMG)The line, "Jews know the New Testament?"The killing off of the 2nd of the only 2 Black characters in the series (at least one was a pilot and one a doctor)More patronizing treatment of the women in the bookThe acknowledged submission of a wife to her husband, but not the other way around. When he wants to do something it's justifiable, when she does it is stupid and usually gets everyone into troubleRayford's dislike of the one strong female character - surprised they were able to come up with one - but she comes across as passive-aggressiveReferences to events that aren't in the book... like "the woman left her footstool but going back to the original description of the woman, there is no footstool; or a character is described from the head up, then later on his unseen sword is referred to as in, "That explains the sword"A lot of emphasis on the male's apearances this time around. understandable since tgey are making a lot of fake IDs and such, but there's a lot about looks here.Based on the characters, one would think the the rapture took most of the Blacks, all the Hispanics, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, Filipinos, Indian, Native Americans, etc., and left only the Jews, Arabic, and Caucasian peoples. I find that ironic since most of the people who are left seem to be idiots who should have been "Left Behind".The characters have gone from bland to caricatures of macho, fumbling clueless Americans. They're just so bad. I think I will have to Wiki the rest of the series.Take it from me, if you're looking for something spiritual yet entertaining, read the CS Lewis Space Trilogy (Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, That Hideous Strength), a more eloquent story, well-written and meaningful. And grab a Bible, nothing substitutes for that in the end.

Much better job of keeping me on the edge of my seat from the start! Whew! Couldn't put this one down...but that's mostly because I knew what was coming and the writers really left each section saying, "Oh, for the love...WHAT HAPPENED THEN??!!" Well done on that aspect. Much less recapping too! A+ on that one!So much loss. This one had me tearing up a lot. And undercover Christians are starting to be discovered, which leaves you with a gut-wrenching terror for them...because again...I know how terrible the AntiChrist is supposed to be toward them during the Tribulation. Another reason I really liked this one is because there were more points of view. We started the series with just Buck and Rayford...which was fine for a while because one of them was in the presence of all the goings on for the entire story, but now, there's so many characters to keep up with and they are all in their own have to broaden the playing field and the writers did that well! I love hearing from David and Leah (becoming a favorite of mine), and Tsion. They all play an important role and I love hearing their positions. The writers don't really do a great job of differentiating between voices...they kind of all sound the same on paper...but thank goodness some of us have imaginations and can imagine them sounding different regardless of the writing style. I'm still enjoying them and this is my second time through. The Mark, I know (remember), gets extremely violent toward the believers...scary. But here we go....
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Paul Lunger
Book #7 in the Left Behind series is a transition in this series from as the 2nd half of the Tribulation arrives. In "The Indwelling" we have the world in mourning over the death of Carpathia & our various members of the Tribulation Force either in hiding or on the run. LaHaye does an actually decent job with not much story to work with this time as he prepares us for the final battle of good vs evil. All previous characters show signs of growth & when we learn who really killed Carpathia it's a surprise to us all. What helps is that the ultimate resurrection of the Antichrist is done at the end so we the reader get a feel for what likely would happen upon the death of this "monumental" figure in world history. This is by far not the best book in the series, but is one that keeps you guessing & reading as we wait to see what happens next.
The action in The Indwelling, the seventh book of the Left Behind Series, covers only a few days, so the pace is especially frantic. Many heart-stopping scenarios involving key people develop, and because of this, I read the book in one sitting both times!This book continues the story of one of my favorite characters: Tsion Ben-Judah, a rabbinical scholar who becomes a believer after a significant meeting with the two witnesses in book five. By this installment, Tsion has become the beloved internet pastor/teacher for the growing number of tribulation saints. He has a special relationship with the protagonists, Rayford, Buck, and Chloe. I loved the presence of a child in Tsion’s life, which allows us to see his tender heart and vulnerability.Tsion reminds me of a missionary my church supports in the country of Lebanon. Because it’s so dangerous to declare your Christianity in the Middle East, our missionary friend teaches the believers in his “church” through internet Bible studies. We’ve given money to help him purchase computers and software as he furthers God’s kingdom. So Tsion’s fictional ministry always hits home for me.Also, this book marks the mid-point in the seven-year tribulation. According to Bible prophecy, this is the time when Satan indwells the Antichrist and he shows himself for who he really is. The authors put their imaginations into high gear to show the machinations behind the scenes as the political players struggle for power. Little do they know that, in spite of their individual wishes, the course of history has been set. There’s no way to sum up the action without sharing spoilers. I’ll just say, the book appropriately ends with a verse from Revelation 12: “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.”I reviewed this book as part of the Tyndale Summer Reading Program.
The Indwelling had some really interesting plot twists in it: Where IS Hattie, anyway? How did Carpathia actually die? Who is going to be martyred this time? While we search for the answers to these questions, we also take a spiritual journey with Tsion, straight to the gates of Heaven itself. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is still in turmoil, and millions gather to mourn the death of Carpathia at his grand funeral. For those misguided enough to make the pilgrimage to New Babylon for the memorial, the resurrection of the Antichrist is a terrifying reward.The character development in this novel seemed to be a little deeper than in some of the other novels. Rayford is more or less forced to come to grips with his own pride and selfishness; Chaim finally makes the decision of whether he is going to accept Jesus as his savior or walk away forever; David and Annie examine the future of their relationship; Chloe finds herself pondering what she will do if she and Kenny are arrested by GC forces. Throughout these difficult times, the characters remain very flawed and very human: not perfect saints, just sinners saved by grace.My main complaint with this book, and the series in general, especially the more I get into it, is that there just seem to be way too many details. About 400 pages per book times 7 books = about 2800 pages for this one story, which could probably be condensed into about half of that if you skim off the fluff. At this point, the suspense seems to be only barely there, and the story tends to drag. I still like the series and will continue reading, but I'm not really in the "I can't put it down" state of mind any more.
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