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The Invasion Of Falgannon Isle (2006)

The Invasion of Falgannon Isle (2006)
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The Invasion Of Falgannon Isle (2006)
The Invasion Of Falgannon Isle (2006)

About book: With what we learn in the synopsis, the readers may be under the impression that the main part of this book will be about the 213 single men and the women that are supposed to come to the island to help them find some love. And this is one of the reasons I read this book. I loved the premise of "the Curse" and what B.A. was trying to do to help.Of course, it didn't hurt that there was going to be another plot going on at the same time. The plot that will supposedly break the curse by B.A. finding the right man -one that has black hair, green eyes and an Irish background.What B.A. doesn't know, but may suspect, is that Desmond Mershan is after a lot more than just a few rolls in the hay.The main problem with this novel (and merely one of many) is that the formatting and grammar is horrid for most of the book. Hed instead of He'd, Shed instead of She'd et al. Misspelled wourd abound and the author uses what I assume is jargon from that part of the world which leaves us Yanks stuck out in left field. My dictionary certainly got a good workout trying to figure out if I was reading a colloquialism or a Scottish word or just a misspelled word.Another problem is that ¾ of the book is simply about mundane everyday stuff. This wouldn't be a bad thing if it were to be interspersed with some excitement. The reader know right from the astart that Desmond is up to some nefarious tricks, yet even when he gives B.A. the opportunity to get help to figure out what is going to happen -she doen't, and just says she loves him so everything will be OK.*SPOILERISH*Now mind you B.A. is the Lady of the Island and is a rather brilliant person in her own right, working her magic on keeping her islanders happy and well fed and to make sure that they are all selling wonderful creation on-line and such. She appears to have a good head on her shoulders and a good business background, yet she lets this guy get away with trying to take part of her island? He wants to bring down her families entire holdings. Well she loves him! That's the answer and romantic it may be, but the sad fact is, is that I have to stretch my disbelief to the thinnest to finish the book from here.*END SPOILER*The characters and their quaint names can get confusing and then after a while downright annoying after more of the book goes by.There is a typical `happily-ever-after'

This was a toss up putting my rating at a 2 1/2 star. The idea of the book is a fun idea, seriously 213 single Scots with no lassies to accommodate them. B.A. is a 37 year old widow who owns Falgannon Isle. Des is where the real story lies though. He was 7 years old when he saw his father kill himself. His mother never got over it and had her sons promise to seek revenge. This is what links B.A. to Des it was her grandfather that scammed Des's father pushing him over the edge. His revenge is to destroy everything her grandfather has and concurring her is an added bonus. When the two meet Des is knocked off his feet, shall we say, and it is the knuckle headed Scots that will have you cracking up. Angus makes the comment that Des is having PVC only what he really meant was CPR...LOL The problems I had was the blasted cats she added to her story because I found the clawing and biting annoying. I felt at times that it was more about them and less about the H/h. The style of writing was confusing and boring at times. She also had apostrophe's that were MIA. The biggest problem I had was in the Isle itself. The Island had no crime, murders, or child molestations now while that is a dream come true it kept putting me in the frame of mind that the story was from the past. I knew it was based in the present time but caught up in the story I was transported to the past and then when a modern day reference was made it ripped me out of my perception of the story.It was my own perception I realize but the other problems added on to that brought it down. Some may feel I'm being over critical but it was my experience and if the things I mentioned do not bother you it did have HEA to redeem itself. That's why it became a toss up because the story was laid out in the beginning well but then execution was fumbled IMO. There are some sex scenes but not overly graphic.
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I love Deborah Macgillivray's Dragons of Challon books and I expected the same level of talent in this book. I got somewhat of a mixed feeling with this one. Don't get me wrong it was a good book. I just felt like the heroine was OVERWHELMINGLY nice and trusting. I couldn't believe her reactions at times. Yeah she did give the hero a taste of his medicine..but not enough! Especially at the level of betrayal that he did. So what if he suffered? Tough. Life sucks that way but he didn't have to tak
I was browsing through the new ebook site Freading and came upon this author. The premise was intriguing. Modern day Scottish Lady has to help her "boys" find true love. Except that they can't, until she marries a green-eyed, black-haired man of Irish descent, at least according to the curse. So when Desmond Sinclair (Irish?) Mershan lands on her island, B. A. (Barbara Anne) Montgomerie is first stricken by his seeming resemblance to her dead husband, then annoyed by his demands.Desmond is in town for revenge. It seems that B. A.'s grandfather destroyed his father (and lots of other people) in a Ponzi scheme, leading Desmond's father to take his own life. Now, he and his brother's are going to take down the whole Montgomerie family.The plot is a little... thin. But I enjoyed the book. We get to see Desmond's torment, his struggle between his feelings for B. A. and his loyalty to his family. I'll definitely be reading the other books in the series.
It took me several chapters to get into this book. I instantly liked all the quirky side characters, and I absolutely loved the setting and all the lore that went along with the setting. I disliked the protagonist and antagonist for quite a while and I could not believe the beginning of their relationship. Towards the middle of the book, I finally was interested in them as characters, and by the end I really liked them. The story is charming, the plot moves along, but it is a character driven plot, so that is nice. It' not all background action. I think we can expect a very nice second book in this series, now that the first was roughed out. I am looking forward to reading about the other sisters, but I don't know if I will like any setting as much as I loved Falgannon Isle!
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