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The Irish Princess (2011)

The Irish Princess (2011)
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The Irish Princess (2011)
The Irish Princess (2011)

About book: I wanted to love this book, I enjoy reading books about Henry VIII and his court. Although the story was based on the life of a real person in that court, I felt that the writing fell somewhat flat, due to immature character development, lack of vivid imagery, and missing drama. At a time in England's history, when the king or his advisors could attaint "the Irish Princess" and her family of treason and have some of them sent to the Tower to be tortured and executed, I didn't sense the fear, worry or nervousness that I would expect. Yet another book set in the time of Henry VIII. This one is about a woman born to the Fitzgeralds in Ireland who's hotheaded brother gets the family attainted by Henry VIII and himself and his uncles beheaded. Elizabeth Gera Fitzgerald decides she will revenge her family by killing the King. Apparently this book is very factual - it reads like an epic romp that I didn't believe that even half of it was true. So huzzah to Karen Harper for a fun, fast, factual read.
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I didn't dislike the book; but I found myself finding other things to do rather than finish it.
really enjoyed this! always nice to hear about lesser known players in this time period!
A decent "The Other Boleyn Girl" read-alike that goes on a tad too long.
A good beach read for those who like historical fiction.
a very good read
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