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The Iron Queen (2011)

The Iron Queen (2011)
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0373210183 (ISBN13: 9780373210183)
Harlequin Teen
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The Iron Queen (2011)
The Iron Queen (2011)

About book: To be quite honest, I fairly enjoyed this book, but I thought it was pretty predictable and a little lame and cheesy. Especially the moment at the end where she meets Machina right before going back to defeat the false King, well wasn't that sooo creative(not really). It actually felt too Harry Potter-esque. The writing wasn't that great either, especially near the beginning. I enjoyed the plot and idea, but overall, this book really wasn't that great. The best book in the series so far. Stakes are high, loves are lost and everything is in the hands of a teenage, lovestruck girl. Sounds typical but how many books can you read that you don't want to put down? Kagawa's The Iron Queen had me reading this all night and day. I literally had a book copy with me and when I couldn't read the book I had an ebook copy. It was so good I couldn't put it down for a second. Sadly for me, I had to due to finals but even after each final I was able to read it, and finally I finished! Now I'm off to read The Iron Knight!
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Finally Meghan grew a backbone ! good for her !! this is getting better and better with each book !!
son kitabın ashin ağzından olacak olması mükemmel en kısa sürede çıkar umarım
I just love that the personality of Grimalkins the Cait sith reminds me of my cat lol
LOVED IT!!! It keeps me wanting more. I just can't get enough.
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