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The Italian's Passionate Return (2014)

The Italian's Passionate Return (2014)

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Elizabeth Lennox Books LLC

About book The Italian's Passionate Return (2014)

This was a decent fairly stereotypical romance book with a bit of a twist. Boy meets girl, boy loses contact with girl then they're reunited once more and fall in love to have their happily ever after. The twist being that Jemma falls pregnant after her first encounter with Damien. Both desperate search for one another to no avail but alas, fate has its way. The two become reunited once more, Damien takes on the role of father to begin with much to Jemma's dismay. Eventually she succumbs to her heart's innermost desire and falls helplessly in love with Damien. A short, fairly sweet story worth a read to pass the time. I read the entire story in one sitting and it was a nice, quick read. It's funny how fate can be cruel one minute and kind another. That's the thought when Damien travels to a farm looking to purchase a puppy for his niece only to find Jemma, the girl he's been trying to locate for the past 6 years. Their one night of passion was enough to know she was his destined mate though she disappeared the next morning without leaving her name. Jemma paid the price for her one night of sex with a total stranger though Dylan is the light of her life. Damien's sudden appearance has her worried about what will happen when he finds out he has a son.A sweet straightforward romance story that has a Harlequin romance feel that features an Italian billionaire finding out he has a son. It left me with feel good warm fuzzy feelings though I would have appreciated if the storyline itself would have included more drama or angst situations to add some depth. I'm all for HEA endings but the fairy tale progression of a romance under these situations didn't quite make me a fan.

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Novella. Lost lovers find each other's years later. Surprise child. Set up for series.

It was free! What else can I say?

3,5 stars.

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