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The Jester (2014)

The Jester (2014)

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About book The Jester (2014)

Where we meet the Riyria in an impossible situation. In order to live, they have to solve the Jester's puzzle...A very short story (it took me around half an hour to read it) but intense and with a moral (greed and cowardice are not rewarded..oh no, they're not. But shhhh, I won't say more).If you're familiar with the Riyria (like me), you'll be happy to share one of their many adventures. If you're not, no fear, you can still read The Jester. No background is required. Nice short read and finished it in one sitting. I really like it. The ending was enough to make me jump out of my seat in happiness. Myra deserved what she got. I might sound mean, but she deserved it. The fact that Royce almost died, if not for Hadrian, gives me the shivers. I mean, I know Michael wouldn't up and kill him of course, but still the thought that if Royce had never allowed Hadrian to be his partner and that he'd somehow fate to come upon this little quest on his own one day. Yikes!! I really liked it though. The Jester scares me. We don't really see him but now I'm kinda afraid of dwarves.

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Royce, Royce...How I love thee? Yep that is right! I love Royce!

Love, love, LOVE Royce and Hadrian!

just not my cup of tea i guess.

Too short.

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