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The Journal Of Sanctuary One (2012)

The Journal Of Sanctuary One (2012)
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The Journal Of Sanctuary One (2012)
The Journal Of Sanctuary One (2012)

About book: I read Sanctuary 1 through 6 all as one long novel, I think that's about my only complaint with these books, they need to be longer! But reading them as one, gives a better picture of the story arc and how Sanctuary - a private body guard agency set up to look after the cases the FBI or others can't - gets involved with the Bullens, three brothers, two mobsters, the other a US senator. Oh yes, and did I mention the rogue FBI agent, Sean Hanson, who's maybe not so rogue as first painted? All in all, an interesting series, the relationships between the guys in each story works and the overall picture works - looking forward to Sanctuary 7 and the wrap of the story. I've read the other Sanctuary books and they all had been good, funny and interesting reads, some more, some a bit less but all in all an entertaining series. Kind of ..."I know what I get-books", not breathtaking but solid.Okay...and now finally Jake's story...which was dissapointing for me. Let's wrap it up:Jake goes to Sanctuary 1 for christmas.Everybody else can't come because of snow storms.Sean is hunted by ..probably the Bullens.He gets shot in his shoulder but can escape and wants to hide in Sanctuary 1 (which is according to a close friend of the family - who should know that the brothers stay there at christmas every year - empty *duh*).Jake takes his frozen, nearly bleed to death, ass in and saves his life this way.The next day they talk, Sean's real agenda is revealed and the conflict "Sean, the double agent/traitor" is nicely wrapped up.What follows is some sex which I more than once wondered what had happened to Sean's gunshoot they wrap it in foil bevor showering together but than it's never mentioned through the whole following love scene.And facts like Sean working out on the treadmill a day after he got shoot in the shoulder and nearly bleed to death or a few days later shoveling snow...that maked we wonder if there is something wrong with me.Then finally the big bad guy intrudes and reveils himself but of course everything goes right.In the end our heros decide to stay together.....tadatada!!Yes..I found it a bit boring. I liked both MCs - that was not the problem. The problem was that I need more than the big cummulation of love scenes and sexy MCs to make a book work for me. So - it was okay....ergo 2 stars.
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I didn't think I'd enjoy this one as much as the others. Turns out I did. On to the next :D
I was thrilled that Jake got his own story!!
2.5 stars
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