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The Judy Moody Star-Studded Collection (2010)

The Judy Moody Star-Studded Collection (2010)
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0763625639 (ISBN13: 9780763625634)
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The Judy Moody Star-Studded Collectio...
The Judy Moody Star-Studded Collection (2010)

About book: “Judy Moody was in a mood. Not a good mood. A bad mood”, written by Megan McDonald is one of a series of Judy Moody books, based on McDonald’s experience of growing up with four sisters. Judy Moody is starting third grade, and has “first day back at school” blues. Worried about having to sit next to Frank Pearl who has a sweet tooth for paste, in an unfamiliar classroom without her class porcupine named Roger, Judy is not looking forward to school. Worse still, she doesn’t even have a T-shirt with words written on it, like all the other kids, because her family didn't go anywhere on vacation. But Judy is in for a nice surprise when her new teacher, Mr. Todd has gives the class an assignment to create a collage all about themselves – the Me collage. A story I’m sure many children can relate to as they navigate their way through the trials and tribulations of school and friendships. Packed with lots of humorous cartoon illustrations by Peter Reynolds, McDonald's hilarious take on school life is perfectly apt.
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