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The Keeper's Daughter (2009)

The Keeper's Daughter (2009)

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1905294948 (ISBN13: 9781905294947)
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About book The Keeper's Daughter (2009)

Gill Arbuthnott is a fellow Floris author (our first books were published by Floris), and we very occasionally bump into each other at author-do's, through the Scottish Book Trust which is situated in John Knox's old house in Edinburgh.It's a while now since I've seen Gill, and about a year since I read The Keeper's Tattoo. Having begun to access the goodreads website, I decided I should put in a review for this novel, particularly as I was very excited about this book when I read it. I enjoyed Gill's earlier books, but this novel has reached a different level altogether. The main characters are very arresting and beautifully-drawn, with depth and complexity to them. The plot is full of imaginative twists and turns; it was a real page-turner, and I raced through it with absolute pleasure. Although it would classify as fantasy, it is very much grounded in a real world that we can identify with, and all I can say is that this this is a book which deserves to be pushed into the limelight. It has complexity, originality, engaging characters and a narrative style that is a pleasure to read. Absolutely loved it! This book got better as it progressed, so if you've just started and find it a little cliche and lacking in character, keep reading on. At first I was about ready to ditch it; it started with a birth, the orphaning of the child who subsequently went to live with some foster parents in an inn. Fantasy can't get much more cliche. As well as this, the author seemed hesitant and not very passionate. This changes as the story comes along.However, as you go along and get pulled into the world of Shadowmen, Keepers, etc. you'll find yourself intrigued. There are one or two plot-holes (there's a ferry which goes off to Thira with no stops, despite there being dozens of islands on the way and not that many passengers going to Thira?) however the characters creep up on you until you want to find out what happens. I adored Kit and his journey to overcoming his tortured childhood. I also liked the lack of romance in this book... It was present with Aria and Marius, but the protagonist didn't get caught into some sickly sweet romance that distracts from the real story. I absolutely loved the conclusion - the suggestion that maybe there WAS magic at work, or maybe it was just a large coincedence. It was very well done. I'm also appreciative at how sensible this author is - there are many YA authors who would've dragged it into a trilogy or something. This book's great because you can be blown away without having to wait for the sequel, by which time you no longer care about the charries. It was succinct and got the action across without filling random things in the middle to tease it out into a series. 3/5!

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a very good book but not one I'd read over and over.

Loved this and so happy to have found a new author!

I would give this book a stripe if I could.

O my gosh!! This book was AMAZING!!!! :D

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