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The King Of Lies (2007)

The King of Lies (2007)
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The King Of Lies (2007)
The King Of Lies (2007)

About book: KING OF LIES (Suspense-Jackson Workman Pickens-North Carolina-Cont) –NRHart, John – 1st bookThomas Dunne Books, 2006, US Hardcover – ISBN: 031234161XFirst Sentence: I’ve heard it said that jail stinks of despair.*** Jackson Workman “Work” Pickens is a defense attorney, married to a beautiful woman, living in a big house. His father, Ezra, had built a powerful legal practice and a financial fortune and disappeared. Now Ezra’s body has turned up showing he dies of two gunshots on the day he disappeared. The police suspect Work because of the money he’ll inherit and family secrets make it hard for Work to defend himself.*** After all the hype this book received, I was so disappointed in it. The plot reminded me of a bad soap opera with everything dependent on assumptions, misunderstandings and greed. Although Hart’s first acknowledgment was to his wife, it doesn’t appear he likes other women very well as every female character was a bad stereotype; the tough-trying-to-prove-herself cop, the narcissistic-bitchy-greedy wife, the I’ve-always-loved-you doormat girlfriend, the I-was-so-misunderstood-depressive sister, the I-was-so-abused-I-hate-all-men-gay girlfriend. “Work” is basically two different characters; the I’ll-live-my-life-as-daddy-wants wimp and, after talking to the philosophic bum on the street, the I’m-going-to-take-control-of-my-life man. The plot was broadcast so loudly it nearly screamed and the villain was apparent from the moment they stepped into the story. I did read all of it, mainly to see whether it really was going where I thought it was—it did. I know some people have thought it was wonderful. I’m just not one of them.

I stumbled on this incredible debut from John Hart by accident and it blew me away. I couldn't put it down and immediately bought his other two books - now three. Literally one of the best books I have ever read. (From B&N)From the masterful New York Times bestselling and two-time Edgar Award-winning author of The Last Child and Down River, comes this tour de force of murder and the dark ripples it sends through a man, his family and community.Jackson Workman Pickens—known to most as Work—mindlessly holds together his life: a failing law practice left to him when his father, Ezra, mysteriously disappeared, a distant wife, and a fragile sister, Jean, damaged by the shared past they’ve endured.And then Ezra’s body is discovered.Set to inherit his father’s fortune, Work becomes a prime suspect. But so does Jean. Fearing the worst, Work launches his own investigation, crossing paths with a power-hungry detective, a string of damning evidence, and the ugly rumors that swirl within his small, moneyed Southern town. Desperate for the redemption that has eluded him for so many years and stripped of everything he once valued, Work fights to save his sister, clear his name, and regain the love of the woman to whom he gave his heart so many years before.Praise for King of Lies:“The King of Lies moves and reads like a book on fire.” —-Pat Conroy"Grisham-style intrigue and Turow-style brooding." —New York Times“[An] ambitious debut thriller…a gripping performance.” —People Magazine"Compares favorably to the best of Scott Turow" —Publishers Weekly (starred)"A striking new talent." —Entertainment Weekly
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Hart's The King of Lies is a very good read if you like stories of redemption, mystery, struggling characters with a dark side that have good in them, and the pull and strength of true love (yes I know I am a man but sometimes it is nice to have a little love in a story, especially one that is struggling but leads to redemption). The story is fast paced and is detailed enough so the reader can follow along. The were a few holes, but that is a given in every story. Each of the characters has a pu
I picked this up on a lark and could not put it down! This novel is written in first person. The protagonist has spent his entire life living up to the expectations of a cruel and heartless father. In his quest to please him, he has become cruel and heartless himself. However, when his father is murdered, Work (yes, that's his name) begins to reexamine his lifestyle, his goals, his relationships with others. As he conducts an investigation into the death of his father, he evolves into a happier, fulfilled, and more whole person. He also takes stock of the past and makes great moves toward his future. I loved all the incorrect assumptions he made and how they were righted. The writing is great--fast paced and compels you to stick with it until the last word of the satisfying conclusion.
I read John Hart's second novel, Down River, first and was thrilled to find a new author with a phenomenal gift for storytelling, character development and an understanding of human relationships. John Hart writingNow that I've read his debut novel, The King of Lies, I'm even more convinced of my initial impression. This book is great in all those apects; great mystery, great characters that span the height and depth of human relationships. I guessed on the "whodunit" about 3/4 the way through the book and was right. But that wasn't a disappointment at all.I enjoyed The King of Lies from first page to last and I highly recommend it and John Hart as an author.
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