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The Kiss Of A Stranger (2011)

The Kiss of a Stranger (2011)

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About book The Kiss Of A Stranger (2011)

I have found that while reading books by Sarah M. Eden, I roll my eyes at how stupid the characters are because they won't tell the other that they have feelings for them. But then I think that that is exactly how real life is. We go about our lives having feelings for someone but not letting them know. Dumb! So basically, these books are very well written. A hint of real life hidden in a world that we love to get lost in. It's part hilarious and part annoying. Hilarious because some of the dialog will just crack you up. Annoying because the lack of communication, while very believable, gets beat to death. You just want to scream at the main characters "QUIT dancing around the subject and making assumptions!!! TALK to each other!!!" Again, it is believable. I've seen real people suffer through similar communication issues. The book ends kind of abruptly. It concludes with some resolutions with regard to the serious issues but all the more entertaining parts are not addressed. Such as how all the crazy annoying and judgmental people freak out when... oh, don't want to spoil it. I just would have liked to see them all get their comeuppance.Over all - it's a fun quick read.

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This book really hooked me into romance. It has a great plot and is an amazing story. Loved it!!

Don't judge by the title. :) It was really cute and sort of reminded me of Taming of the Shrew.

Great read, easy, sweet & very enjoyable. Recommend this.


Cute fluffy read

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