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The Lady Always Wins (2013)

The Lady Always Wins (2013)

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Courtney Milan

About book The Lady Always Wins (2013)

This is a really fun novella by Milan. It only took me a couple of hours to read, and was the perfect way to spend a quiet evening.I loved the heroine, Ginny. She was strong, sensible, but also passionate and caring. She wasn't brash and in-your-face. Instead, she was a full-developed, honest depiction of the product of poverty in that era (and some would argue, any era) and her feelings and actions from there reflected that history and background.The perfect story for when you have a couple of hours of quiet time and wanting an uplifting, but not trite, story. A better than average romance with original and likable characters and exceptionally clever dialogue in a plot that involves the continuation of a childhood game in which the H/h must always stay a step ahead of each other, so it is much fun to follow the verbal leap-frog developing in this novella and try to guess where it will lead us. I love the fact that the author not only tells us that the heroine is smart but shows us--even if Virginia knows nothing about growing tulips but apparently neither does the author. Ms Milan does an exceptional job of character and plot development in a short novella.

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