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The Lady In The Tower (2009)

The Lady in the Tower (2009)
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0192755315 (ISBN13: 9780192755315)
Oxford University Press
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The Lady In The Tower (2009)
The Lady In The Tower (2009)

About book: This was surprisingly entertaining - don't look for historical accuracy, because the Henry VIII setting has no impact on the main characters or the writing, which is that of a modern YA novel. On the other hand, while predictable, the characters are interesting and behave in relatively logical ways, and the story has a feel-good quality that made me cut it a lot of slack. It sets out to entertain and keep you turning the page, and it definitely succeeds in that.Recommended light read with some jousting, court scenes, and of course romance. I may have liked this book so much because I had to order it over from England, since the only copy in a library in the US is in the Library of Congress. I am glad I ordered it though because it was a really great read. I loved the history behind the story and how it was told from the daughters point of view. I do wonder, however, what made Sir Walter turn on his wife in the first place. That was never really cleared up for me.
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I enjoyed this book, a very easy read, would have got 5 stars if there was a little more of a story.
it's not awful but it's nothing special either.
need to read
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