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The Lake Of Dreams (2011)

The Lake of Dreams (2011)

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0670022179 (ISBN13: 9780670022175)
Viking Adult

About book The Lake Of Dreams (2011)

Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards, starts off very strong and just pulls you write in it is not the normal book that I would be reading but hearing about the different travels and the ladies life was so intriguing to here about. It made me want to new places and keep traveling the world. Though when she comes home to see here mom it pulls at your emotions. Everything has changed from the way she left her small home town and she had never really gotten closer. Then she finds out all of these things with her family and relatives that they did not know about. In the begin all the information the shared was fun and interesting but this part of the book went on for to long and made me want to stop reading. Though at the end it picks up speed and uncovers many secrets about her life and changes what she had once know. The book would have been good if they just cut the middle out. Wow.... This was one of the worst books I have ever read. I didn't finish it... I couldn't. I was trying to force myself and I suddenly realized how stupid that was. Why waste my time? Reasons I didn't like this book.1. Uninteresting story line. The "mystery" that the main character uncovers, isn't mysterious enough to hold my attention. It is dull, lacking drama or luster, romance, exciting historical relevance, seriously, "eh."2. I found this book to be badly written. ExamplesA. The author mentions, "The family eyes- blue speckled with gray" 10 times within 20 pages. (I counted.) Yeah, I think we got the point... the family all have similar eyes and it is not really very relevant to the story. B. VERY unrealistic inter-personal interactions. For example, the main character visits home after being abroad for a long time (another over used expression, "world traveler", didn't count this one but at least 7 times, come on... aren't there other ways to say this?). She goes to her brother's boat, which he lives on and his pregnant girlfriend is there. The two women don't greet each other, "Hi, wow, nice to see you, welcome home, it's been years," etc. The girlfriend says, "Your brother isn't here. Do you want to stay a minute?" C. There is lots of really mundane description about what the main character is doing that has nothing to do with the plot. "I had a sandwich", "my mother put olives on a plate", "I walked through town." "I called him, he didn't answer." "I called him again he didn't answer." "I listened to the answering machine a second time." Oh my word. it just goes on and on and on like that. D. Weird mistakes that an editor should have caught....One morning the main character goes swimming, she spends the day in town, comes home, takes a nap and then goes swimming again, using the "bathing suit she used yesterday"... I was so confused, "When did the day change?" I finally realized, "OH... this is just badly written."Another example, The main characters father died around 5-7 years ago. Her deceased father had a brother who is less than 1 year older than he is. So, 5-7 years after her father's death she returns home and meets her uncle who is older than her father... and this older brother has somehow managed to age so that he looks exactly like his younger brother did when he died 7 years ago..... right. Makes total sense to me. This book reads like something an editor hurried off the press to make money, money, money, make money, money, money, off of a previously successful author. I recommend, giving it a miss.

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Expertly written with extensive exhausting never ending details about everything and nothing…..

A good weekend read when you want to "get away"….at least in your mind and on the sofa.

Loved the reference to "The Memorykeeper's Daughter."

Ok. 6/14

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