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The Last Good Knight Part Ii: Sore Spots (2014)

The Last Good Knight Part Ii: Sore Spots (2014)

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About book The Last Good Knight Part Ii: Sore Spots (2014)

Review for The Last Good Knight II by Tiffany ReiszThis novella picks up right where the last one ended, if you haven’t read The Last Good Knight I — you really should start with it otherwise there will be some confusion (Plus it’s sofa king hot it would be a shame to miss out on!) This serial is the first of Tiffany Reisz I’ve read and I have to say she is pretty much the queen of BDSM. She completely took me from hating male submissives to thinking ‘wowza’ which is quite a feat since I’ve spent over a year of my smut-reading career hatin’ on them.Kingsley has put his foot down due to the attack on another Domme, Mistress Nora isn’t to see clients unless she brings a guard of his choosing. She’s not allowed to sleep with or play with the guard, no bit deal, she’s still thinking about Lance, the hot sub she played with earlier. When her protector shows up early in the morning to accompany her on her appointments for the day she is upset to find Lance standing on her doorstep. What a disappointing development! The sexual tension between the two was off the charts. The entire time Nora tried to entice Lance to be her good boy and he avoided her teasing because Kingsley threatened his job if he so much as thought about touching her. He really needs his job. The whole time I was screaming in my head “JUST GIVE IN, DO IT!” I know I’m a bad influence. The scene they had in the first book was just so darn hot I needed, wanted, desired another just like it… This day ends with Mistress Nora going back to her roots…I can’t get enough of this serial. I know that it’s going to end WAY faster than I want it to, but I can’t help but to read them back to back. I’m never good at showing restraint when it comes to books I LOVE! The Last Good Knight II gets FIVE stars for an intriguing storyline that sucks you in from page one and FOUR drenched panties for the crazy sexual angst between Lance and Nora. A certified Mommy’s a Book Whore MUST READ NOW!Review by the Head Whore. Part two of five. I believe we have all gotten into the wait until the next book syndrome that is currently flooding the market. We hate to wait six months (or years) for the next installment of the story. THIS IS NOT THE CASE with this series. They have all been released and definitely a must read. Tiffany has hit it out of the dungeon with these 5 novellas. Nora has allowed herself to fall for a sub but or the sub to kneel unto her feet, Kingsley has set in place an order that neither want to obey but, do. Not that Nora doesn't try to break the rules...or beat the crap out it. Her Knight is honorable though, which is why she falls for him. It doesn't seem as though the threat that put the Dommes in harms way in the first place will be caught only frustrating our Mistress even further.

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I love the way the story was split up. She takes you to the edge and then pulls back, a true sadist.


4.25 Stars.

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