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The Last Good Knight Part V: The Last Good Night (2014)

The Last Good Knight Part V: The Last Good Night (2014)
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The Last Good Knight Part V: The Last...
The Last Good Knight Part V: The Last Good Night (2014)

About book: This is the final installment of this five part series. It is so bittersweet in so many ways. I laughed, I cried and cried a little more.Lance has played such a huge part in the growth of Nora’s character. You really don’t get the full insight into this until you’ve read this series. This installment shows just how caring and giving Mistress Nora is, it will melt your heart. While they (she and Lance) both struggle with decisions they have to make, the future is still ever unfolding. You never know what it will bring.This entire series is a must read from me! Part five. Bring the tissues. Who cries with BDSM....? ;) Our favorite heroin is torn. Will she do the right thing? Does she break more of Kingsley's rules? This is what she does best. "I'm not happy unless I'm getting in trouble. Don't you want me to be happy?""You're Evil.""Well, obviously."A client's wife is approached."Did you get arrested again?""No, I promise. Not this week. Not yet, anyway."The client."I need a favor Judge. Or maybe just legal advice.""Did you get arrested again?""Why does everyone always ask me that? Don't answer that."Tiffany has a sic sense of humor (Sick, twisted too). If she isn't teaching the art and skill of writing she should be, online, to the world of authors and wanna bees. She has more talent in the tip of her pen than a lot of writers have in their entire collection of works. I literally have read anything I could find written by her and have never been anything but, amazed by her ability to tell a great story. This is another five star example of her skill. I started the series late last night (insomnia) and didn't stop until I had read all five. A definite must
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I adored Lance, I really did! Just wasn't meant to be....,❤️
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