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The Last Lie (2010)

The Last Lie (2010)
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0525951776 (ISBN13: 9780525951773)
Dutton Adult
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The Last Lie (2010)
The Last Lie (2010)

About book: THE LAST LIE by Stephen White. I’m a big fan of Stephen White’s stories, especially if the psychologist Alan Gregory is at the center of the plot. Since the author is a clinical psychologist, it is no surprise that this character rings true.The story takes place in Boulder, Colorado, and it dances around a rape that may or may not have happened. Alan Gregory hears bits and pieces of the story from patients, friends who happen to be police, another psychologist, and his wife a deputy district attorney. The author dives into the debate about justice, and how it is obtained when lawyers manipulate negotiations away from courts in cases that involve celebrities or the very wealthy.This book will stimulate your intellect and keep you guessing until the very end. You can find it at your library, for sale at Amazon, or most bookstores. Give it a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! I've read all of the Alan Gregory books and used to enjoy them immensely. However, recently they are getting worse and worse. This one was a boring and preachy diatribe on the US justice system. I barely got through it. The other part that I can't stand about this series is the relationship between "best friends" Alan & Sam Purdy. I've never thought that these two have ever acted like best friends, but their relationship gets more and more strained and unusual as the books progress. I am a physician who's best friend is a cop, so I understand the concept of doctor and police confidentiality. These two carry it to a new level and almost seem to revel in keeping secrets from each other. In fact, for two "friends" they seem to be more and more antagonistic with each other with every passing page. I'm going to give this series one more chance but #19 may be my last.
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I liked this book's plot. Executed relatively well.
Just couldn't get into this book......
slow start, good finish though.
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