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The Last Nude (2012)

The Last Nude (2012)

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About book The Last Nude (2012)

This is a fictionalized account of the story of Tamara de Lempicka, an artist, and Rafaela Fano, the model who posed for one of her most famous works. This was a very engaging story of life between the wars in Paris with a focus on the artist communities and counter cultures. The women apparently had a passionate affair, but Lempicka was more interested in her career than in a relationship. The one frustrating thing for me was that there was no afterward (at least on the audio edition) of how much of the story was true. A fascinating concept that doesn't quite come together. I really enjoyed the premise of this story: The passionate affair between Art Deco painter Tamara de Lempicka and her muse (well, one of her muses) Rafaela Fano. The setting - the 1920s Paris art scene - is fascinating, especially with all the queer artists. This set up seems designed to delight me, however I never felt that we saw beneath the surface of a pretty surface world. It seemed like Avery was name dropping all these cool people but not actually showing us anything. What really didn't work for me was the abrupt shift in narration near the end (at least 3/4s of the way through).I'm sad that I didn't enjoy it more, there was so much potential.

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Beaucoup aimé l'intrigue et les personages, en plus de découvrir les oeuvres de Tamara!

Loved the flawed characters, the time period and the writing style. Was sad it ended.

Interesting read and good background.

This book was a great read!

didn't finish

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