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The Last Present (2013)

The Last Present (2013)

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About book The Last Present (2013)

It was a good and heart warming book. The main characters are Amanda, Leo, and Grace. It is kind of like the last one, but it is not exactly like it and is better than the previous one. The writing was beautiful and exciting. It could of had a little more detail added to it to make it more interesting. Yes, it is part of a series and I will continue to read it. I think some people would like to read it because it is interesting and really powerful to how we view things. The Last Present by Wendy Mass is the newest book in the Willow Falls series. It features Amanda and Leo as the main characters once again, but this time, the tables are turned and they aren’t the victims of Angelina’s magic powers. When Grace, the little sibling of Amanda and Leo’s friend Connor, is born, an elderly Angelina visits the hospital to bestow on Grace the protection that all children of Willow Falls receive until they reach the age of 18. However, Angelina’s botches the mission and, as a result, Grace has never been under Angelina’s protection for any of her birthdays. Consequently, Grace falls into a mysterious coma-like state on her tenth birthday. However, Amanda and Leo have been preparing for such abnormal happenings in Willow Falls and have avoided verbal contact with each other for one year. Thus, they begin their mission to travel to the past and revisit each of Grace’s ruined birthday parties and, under the instruction of Angelina herself, fix the required number of three birthdays. Hiding their mission from the people of Willow Falls is made easier with the help of friends Rory and Tara, each of whom have experienced Angelina’s powers before. Amanda and Leo begin a race against time only to discover several secrets that have changed Angelina and Willow Falls for the better and worse.This novel is an epic read that continues the story of Willow Falls with familiar characters. Amanda and Leo have grown up from their 11 year old selves and have matured from playful best friends to mature 13 year old teenagers who are now showing a growing interest in each other. A final secret behind Angelina’s past may blow the minds of many readers. I recommend The Last Present to grades 3 up because it has an infinite amount of humor and a slight sense of romance. Wendy Mass’ novel is one of my personal favorites, as her series have always been.

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I would give it four stars!

good book
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Cute story. Good book for young girls, especially if they were a fan of the Magic Tree House books.

All of Wendy's books about the Angelina willow falls expedition is amazingly great! Loves so much!!

Omg!! I saw this book at my book fair, I didn't get it but I can't still read it!! Ya ya!!

Great book. I loved the ending. I was a great ending to a great series.


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