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The Last Vampire And Black Blood (2010)

The Last Vampire and Black Blood (2010)
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1444900501 (ISBN13: 9781444900507)
Hodder Children's Books
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The Last Vampire And Black Blood (2010)
The Last Vampire And Black Blood (2010)

About book: I'm on the edge 3.5. I liked the story on the whole, but the book read like a bunch of facts not only that but it felt very cold and distant. Even when Sita showed supposedly deep emotion I felt nothing and even the secondary characters didn't have much personality to them. They seemed to blend in with each other. In fact Joel, Ray, Seymour read like Sita as if they were just different sides of her many opinions. I couldn't connect character wise, there was just nothing, bland, bleak, boring. Even reading moments of emotion it felt like it was just too cold to be actually felt. But this might be a way to portray what a five thousand year old being might be like after losing their humanity, to kind of give you and insight to their might and emotional response. Though the writing felt too timed and robotic. It doesn't have a natural rhythm like you'd have if people were in the same situation. Even enemies had no depth or quirks. Unfortunately I wasn't on the edge of my seat with plots and twists, this was probably the most basic see-through plot line there is. Though I have to admit I liked the portrayal of the gods and the history inside. Unsure of this book but over all like the story in general. Hmmm, was good, but I feel the first one was pretty much the same as the second,but what really annoyed me was that in the start of the book she was a cold, rough, mean, bloodthirsty vampire, and towards the end of the book she starts to feel and doesnt want to kill anymore.. i mean fair enough in the real world, but this is a book, I wanna read that your ripping a guys head off for looking at u in the wrong way... lol SPOILER... Ray... im glad he died, he was irritating, and not anywhere near strong enough to keep up with her, and as for Joel? I think she should have left him to die... he made it clear he didnt wanna be a vamp now we are gonna have another moany boy following her around like a lost puppy making her all weak and misserable... she started off a strong character, the prefect woman in a book... but these guys are dragging her down... Oh well on to the next one....
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loved this series read it when I was a kid.loved them all except the last one
Amazing if you can get into it!!
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