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The Legend Of Michael (2011)

The Legend of Michael (2011)

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1402251564 (ISBN13: 9781402251566)
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About book The Legend Of Michael (2011)

The government told the two hundred soldiers they were being immunized, but they were in fact, injected with alien DNA. Now, these soldiers are inhumanly strong and fast, immune to human disease and are able to travel with the wind. Some have also developed other skills. They are the government's secret weapon. Michael Taylor is one of these soldiers.Cassandra Powell is the daughter of the man who had the soldiers injected. Now, she is starting a new job taking over the former head of clinical psychology to properly evaluate the soldiers. But on her third day, she runs into Michael, literally. He can't keep his eyes off of her and she finds herself attracted to him.However, some of the soldiers are deemed too violent and are marked for termination. Michael is one of them but he and a few of the other soldiers escape and plan to seek revenge upon the government. Will Cassandra trust her lifebond with Michael or seek the comfort of what she knows?The Legend of Michael is a great start to a new series. With all series, usually book one is the vast majority of world building and The Legend of Michael is no exception. Ms. Jones just a great job of character development and explaining the ways and the whys of the world. The romance was a bit on the slim side, but I'm sure the lifebonds will explore more romance in upcoming books. Great action, suspense and a splash of romance, tossed with the science fiction and you have a delectable morsel to read! Its being marketed as Paranormal Romance but I would categorize it more as a Sci-Fi romance with a lot of suspense. That's the part that I love about this book, the tone, plot, structure is exactly like a Romantic Suspense although a huge part goes on explaining the Alien DNA alterations and its effects.Another aspect that I love is how the main characters, Michael and Cassandra deal with the Lifebond. Its similar to the "werewolf mate bond". I like how having the Lifebond doesn't automatically mean that everythings gonna be lovey-dovey between the two of them or that it will force them to be with each other when they hate it, which is the common two plots I always encounter when reading a book with "mate" bond involved.Its a really good start to the series, although I think I'm more interested in what's going to happen more than who's gonna hook up next.

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Ugh. Terrible. Can't believe I finished this book. Will NOT continue with the series.

WOW! Great read with action, which I love.

Review to follow.

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