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The Legend Trilogy Collection (2013)

The Legend Trilogy Collection (2013)

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Putnam Juvenile

About book The Legend Trilogy Collection (2013)

The Legend trilogy....first impression from chapter one - intrigued...i wondered what kind of world they live in and how it could possibly be rectified at the end as is the norm with dystopians. It did not disappoint...a lot of fast paced action...interesting world building and a bit 'overpowered' mc's. June and Day are each interesting mc's in their own way. Day ill admit was too skilled at the beginning for a kid on the streets with no training....I mean how the hell does a 12 yr old break into a bank vault under 10 seconds.Needless to say the story's progress and increasing challenges checked that.I cant really say anything without giving anything away but its a fun read...ahaa..the would mostly figure out what is going to happen before some of the characters which is odd considering they are supposed to be uber-smart. Recommend this for action loving readers...wait who's not...scratch that...recommend it for everyone. Oops almost forgot the epitome of YA..the romance...Day and June's romance is the kind that is set in get the feeling they're going to be together no matter what...I liked that so the ending was a bit surprising but not unrealistic. thumbs up to the romance. The first book of the series, apparently, was about the Legend, which was Daniel Wing. I just loved how the book was written and plotted because it focused on the society - dystopian - the government, the kilings, the injustices, etc. The first book was definitely an extremely page-turner and would defnitely make you look for more, and continue with the second book. The good thing was, the second book would answer some of the mysteries in the first book, and would give more clues in the society, more twists, and more actions. You wouldn't see any love stories in the series except from some flirty moments - which didn't take long. Maybe for the whole series, the love story content was just five percent. More actions were in the series. For the third book, the most not disappointing conclusion of a trilogy. The most satisfying conclusion of a dystopian series ever. I just loved everything in the third book.I just loved the whole series. I just loved it more because it didn't focus on the love story. It didn't have any love story at all.I recommend this to everyone who loves more actions in a series than love stories. This is a great one.

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